$3,000.00 USD

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Patrocinador Plata

This promotional package includes:

1- Two (2) free passes for the CPA Event, to be used by staff, clients or affiliates.

2- Possibility of buying passes for general admission, in addition to a 20% discount on the

rate in effect at the time of purchase.

3- Opportunity to place 2 banners of your company in the General Session room and in the

Exhibition Hall.

4- Opportunity to place a promotional material of the company in all seats of the room in all

sessions and conferences.

5- Your company logo on the back right hand side of the CPA Event logo.

6- The logo of your company linked to our promotions of the CPA Event and the Income TV

on Facebook, with thousands of participants at this time.

7- Description of your company in the exhibitors and conferences guide

(maximum 450 characters, including spaces and subject to receipt of the description before

December 31, 2019.

8- Opportunity to place an article or promotional brochure of your company within the bags

of the assistant distributed when registering.

9- Two (2) Conference Hours divided between the days.

10- Access to the email list during and after the CPA 2019 Event.